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Custom Adopts
::DT:: ABOMinableSpectra by samsocksadopts
Naomi X #3 - Kasdragons-Starship by samsocksadopts
Coal X Muffin - Free Kit by samsocksadopts
Quest Kit 7 by samsocksadopts
Kids for ABOMinableSpectra by samsocksadopts
here is where you can buy these! :meow:
i will be making these on a base (specify if you want a particular one) and if you are lucky you might get a free drawing from me.
make sure you tell me what you would like in the adopt (and if you want hat you dislike on adopts in general if you are not very specific or just want to)
Custom design with custom Art made on MS Paint or Sketchbook Express Pro
If your interested in my art and also want a custom adopt. Here is where you buy them! :meow:

These will have a background and shading. ::NOTE:: This will not include any other of your characters so do not ask for it

Ms Paint Examples - ::CO:: Why? Why Me? by samsocksadopts ::CO:: koridencustard - Sabrina by samsocksadopts ::Co:: mistystar17- Sunset Tailmouth by samsocksadopts
Sketchbook Express Pro Examples - ::CO:: Woosh! by samsocksadopts Made with IPad by samsocksadopts ::FA:: Lemon by samsocksadopts

What to do:
:bulletgreen:Give me at least a slight idea (or detailed) of what you want and ill design it for you!
:bulletgreen:Give me an idea of what you would like as your background and what your character is doing If you do not give me this info i will do something on my own.

Other than that please be patient with me as i dont always have the time to draw your commish(es) But dont worry it will get done! :meow:
Icons- Simple animation
Snowing Mango Icon - PERSONAL USE ONLY by samsocksadopts
Molly Icon - PERSONAL USE ONLY by samsocksadopts
Bouncing Mango Icon - PERSONAL USE ONLY by samsocksadopts
these are for avatars (normal icon)

they will be made with ms paint and will have less than 10 frames made

will do bobbing of the body/head, ear twitch, tail wag, background moving, blinking, character change (limit of two characters), and anything similar to those.

you have a limit of two of the above happening (due to the amount of frames i will be making)
Pixel Animation of 1 character SIMPLE
Discord - Pixel Animation by samsocksadopts
::GA:: Hunter - Animated Pixel by samsocksadopts
Shae - Bouncing by samsocksadopts
Legacy - Sleepy Time by samsocksadopts
Phantom - Bouncing by samsocksadopts
so there will not be too much movement and ive yet to figure out how to have them automatically moving on their preview (tell me how if you know)

either way all you need to fill out is this:

Name of character - 
Ref of character - (MUST BE A GOOD REF)
What would you like in the animation - 
Any other info you would like me to know - 

Reference Custom MS Paint ONLY
Canine - Ref including Adopt - AUCTION - CLOSED by samsocksadopts
so this is if you want a reference for your custom. :meow:

so pretty much i need the same info as my other custom stuff (lazy to type it sorry)

and the bg will be simplistic as its about your character and not the background right? 



samsocksadopts has started a donation pool!
355 / 4,000
Adopt Customs OPEN - Stamp by Drache-LehreAdopt Breedings OPEN - Stamp by Drache-LehreDesign Trade ASK ME - Stamp by Drache-LehrePoint Commission OPEN by Drache-LehreArt Trade ASK ME - Stamp by Drache-LehreCommissions OPEN - Stamp by Drache-LehreCollaborations ASK ME - Stamp by Drache-LehreKiribans OPEN - Stamp by Drache-LehreGifts SECRET - Stamp by Drache-Lehre

You can place points in here or the long way.

Commission Prices (both Points and Paypal):</u>…

If you would like a Commission then please comment on the journal before sending the points.

Widget Commissions can be found Below as well.
That Contains: Custom Adopts (base and me drawing them), Icons (simple animation), Pixel Animation of One Character (simple), and Reference Sheet (simple).

if you would like something similar to those but want to tweak what you are getting comment below and we can work something out. :meow:

I Do Not Have As Many Points as This Widget Says I Have. I Spend My Points on Commissions and Adopts.

You must be logged in to donate.
hey so im going to college soon (8/18/14) and i REALLY need some money! pewdiepie gasp 

as some of yall know im 18, so i've been out looking for a job... saddly due to my looks without medium amount of makeup i look like im 12 to 16 years old (depends on the person)... and i cant do makeup to save my life (ugh!) *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (Angry) 

So despite putting in probably around 20 applications i came up with nothing. Danisnotonfire: FEELS 

So that limited time thing was a total lie, these have always been open this entire time, y'all just chose not to commission me for these.

What am i referring to? Well im doing commissions like these: (below)

Simple Animated Icons: Snowing Mango Icon - PERSONAL USE ONLY by samsocksadoptsMolly Icon - PERSONAL USE ONLY by samsocksadoptsBouncing Mango Icon - PERSONAL USE ONLY by samsocksadopts but they will look more like this next one unless you ask for the other way Alto Blink icon - Attempt by MangoRulez

Simple Animated Pixel of 1 Character: Shae - Bouncing by samsocksadoptsLegacy - Sleepy Time by samsocksadopts

I will also draw you a custom character on MS PaintSecret Design Exchange - Luckyluck244 by samsocksadopts ::DT:: TheFoxFeathers by samsocksadopts

other commissions i have available can be found in this journal:  Commission Info - PayPal and Pointshey guys! :meow:
i want to earn some money, so here are the prices:
if you would rather pay in points My conversion is $1 = 100:points:
some examples go to my main account and this was actually taken from there and may be old
Your Characters
Grey-scale (this option comes with shading IF the character is a light colored character NOT INCLUDED ON THE OUTLINE)
Outline (may include the sketching process) - $1   
Headshot - $1 
Full Body -  $3  
Full Body and Bg - $5-$10 (depends on how difficult the bg is)
Derp (this is solid coloration and includes a simple bg) - $2 - $5 (depends on complexity of your character) 
Headshot -$2 

Full Body -

Please comment below if interested!

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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hello! :meow: I'm known as Mango on here and many other websites (and sometimes in real life too). I have an interest in 2D animation and plan on that being my major. I'm currently 18 and in college (or will be this upcoming fall).

You are certainly able to come chat with me, trust me i dont bite. :meow: Plus i really do like getting to know y'all. :meow:

Other Accounts on Here:
MangoRulez :iconmangorulez: - this is my Personal Art account
SamsocksadoptsPayPal :iconsamsocksadoptspaypal: - this is my Paypal only Adopts (having no luck selling them though. :/)

My Wonderful Boyfriend is SelfDestructUnit :iconselfdestructunit: (though he is not very active on here but he is on various Paintball Websites and Youtube (though also paintball))

Ask My Charries Questions -

I like using thes Plz Accounts: :iconpuppyglompplz: :iconbunnyglompplz: :iconpandaglompplz::iconkittyglompplz: :iconoldschoolownedplz:

Im Looking to commision someone to make these designs!

(i may ask for more than one person to design these)
1 wolf that is striped (similar to a tiger striped (no belt stripes please) with the colors grey (2 shades (a lighter and a darker)), black, neon green, neon blue, and neon purple

1 house-cat that has 2 different colored eyes, slightly complexed design with a intrusting tail of sorts (not a normal lions tail or a short tail something different (as in doesnt look cat like but looks great with the cat)) with the colors light grey, orange, white, and red

1 lynx with natural golden colors, but with one unnatural color the color that matches its eyes (green) the unnatural color will be on the body as tribal designs (of any kind as long as they look cool)

1 house/wild cat with natural looking orange/white spotted cat with a little bit of darker stripes on him

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oi dude do you want to do a design trade
samsocksadopts Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Filmographer
im debating, im way over due on some things and idk if i should take this right now.

if you want you can ask me in the future. :meow: ill probably accept it then. :meow:

(the reason why im not sure is cause im starting college and so far ive havent had any time to do da very much.)
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Thank you for adding my 3dmg prop reference diagram to your collection!
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you are very welcome! :meow:
MyKittyStuff Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Artist
I love your lineart :) although I don't have an points so I cant buy any of it
samsocksadopts Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Filmographer
you know 80% of my linearts are free right? :meow: (granted none are new that are free, but my style hasn't changed that much in the past couple of years. :meow:)

you can find all my linearts here:…
MyKittyStuff Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Artist
oh.... I didn't see that *feel stupid* I love your style for the kitties :3
samsocksadopts Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Filmographer
haha, its fine. :meow:

thanks. :meow: cats would be my specialty. :meow:

btw that an interesting way that you used my lineart.
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Adopts-Only Featured By Owner Edited Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*pssttt* Hey wondering if you could help me advertising my new adopt because you have so many watchers *puppy eyes*

Okay i'm done *run & hide*
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